Two different artists with the same moniker are merged but shouldn't be

There’s this post-rock group “Twenty six” who released this

Merged with another artist “Twenty six” who is an Italian DJ.

(Released the singles listed here)

Please can someone separate them?

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For example you could do this :wink:

Looks like this Discogs artist would have been the correct one for the singles. You should create a new artist with a proper disambiguation and change all credits of the singles to the new artist.


…You can easily change the artist through the releases:

  1. Change the release artist and check “Copy the release artist credit to the release group”
  2. The track artists are automatically set to the new artist and in the recordings tab you can check “Update the recording artist credit to match the track artist credit”.
  3. Give a short explanation why you did this change in the edit note.
  4. Enter edit :slight_smile:

(Be aware - the changes do not show up instantly - they will be applied after a week, or with yes votes a few days earlier.)