Trying to get releases from a group and country

hello I would like some help with the API, im trying to get all the albums and EPs from a group released from one country. In this case its the group Girls Generation and from the country of South Korea.
the APi request I thought should work is:|ep&country=KR&fmt=json
however this seems to be giving all their releases including non albums and other country releases.
In the API documentation, this is a browse request, and I am following this format specified
/ws/2/release area, artist, collection, label, track, track_artist, recording, release-group
A release browse request should be able to be filtered in this way, so what am I doing wrong? any help would be appreciated.

You should search for release-groups, also type is deprecated and it may be best to use primary-type=“album” instead.|ep&country=KR&fmt=json

Hope this helps

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