Trying to add an album by The Sons of Cisco and it refuses to acknowledge the artist

I’m trying to import this album from Discogs but it flat out refuses to let me add The Sons of Cisco as the artist.

I tried to add a new artist and Musicbrainz already has an entry for The Sons of Cisco. Great! But clicking the magnifying glass to find it does nothing. Something buggy with the data from Discogs? I’ve tried entering an artist I know is in the database but still on this add it refuses to search for the artist.

I’ve added a couple of other discs from discogs this session and had no problems.

Hmm, are you using the Discogs importer?

If the MusicBrainz artist has a link to the Discogs artist then the artist may already be selected (you have a green field). In that case the magnifying glass will do nothing because you’ve already ‘selected’ the artist, no further steps needed

Is that what’s happening? Otherwise please share some more details about what’s in the search field and what you’re importing, and so on :slight_smile:

The field won’t go green. It will not open the artist selector. It does nothing except briefly spin then quits.

I’m using the discogs importer script with Tampermonkey

How nice, the forum removed the link to the discogs page. If you want to see what’s going on, search for The Sons of Cisco on discogs. The one and only hit is this album, Rodeo Romance.

Try pasting the Artist MBID ( ce168c1a-fc39-4c62-a0ef-aa36b7850a9d ) or link to their page ( ) into the box for the artist name. Does that then go green?

Note I have also added the Discogs link for the band to the MB Artist page. This should also help the import script find the artist.

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Hmm, interesting. Might be a bug or a plugin interfering. If we’re lucky it’s just interfacing confusion caused by our UI, which might be worth digging into - for instance, thanks to this discussion it already crossed my mind that should be hiding or greying the search icon when the artist is green/filled. [edit: perhaps turn it into a tick?]

FYI this is what it looks like at my end, does this work for you?


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It would never go green for me in the artist field. I tried to popup with the two lines with featuring, no dice. I did find The Sons of Cisco is already in the database but I could not make it let me select that one.

Did you get the release added? If so then I can tag the tracks I have and submit fingerprint IDs.

Edit: Since you poked at it, now it worked to choose the artist.