Tracks are named but can't be saved

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Hi. I am trying to identify tracks on a disc with a file name. When I search for track file names using the Scan function, all of the tracks are identified correctly. However, only some of them have a green check mark beside them. The rest have a music sign next to the name. I understand this means there is no file matched, or multiple files matched. However, as indicated, the file names are correct, and I would like to save them to a track listing in Windows Explorer.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with this issue?

As you wrote that means there is no file, it is just showing the tracks it loaded from MusicBrainz. So there is nothing to save.

If you have the file, load it into Picard (e.g. by dragging it from Explorer). If the file was not tagged before it will show up in the left pane under unclustered files. From there drag and drop it on the track with the music note, the icon will change. Then you can save.


The forum search (for “music note”) can also be useful. :wink: