Tracklists from different CD, how to fix?

It’s a release from Guano Apes

Tracklist does not match the catalog number as you can see here (I can also upload back cover with catalog number and tracklist if needed). I believe that tracklist is actually from other release from the same company which is already listed on MusicBrainz under it’s correct catalog number ( ).

So what would be the correct way to fix this? Remove catalog number, barcode, and discord link, etc. OR remove and add proper tracklist for existing catalog numbers?

there is cover art

Which depicts the discogs track list so i would amend the track list on musicbrainz to reflect this.

I realized I don’t know how to do it. I always end up with 2 CDs… don’t know how. I cancelled my edits.

If anyone else knows how to do it, CD2 from this release ( ) has all the tracks that need to go to release as first and only one CD.

No problem i can fix it

All done