Tracklist lost after submit


I have a little problem: I just added a new release Sunshine Live, Vol. 59 with the complete tracklist of 62 songs. But after I submitted it, the whole release was added, just as normal, but the complete tracklist was lost, with the message: “The tracklist for this release is currently unknown.” at the overview. I’m now somewhat sad and angry, because I spent around 3 hours just to create this long tracklist for nothing, because it somehow disappeared. My question is now: Did this happen to you once or did I just do something wrong what I am unaware of?


And I forgot to mention, after adding the tracklist I also added the recordings (if available), so the tracklist was definitely carried through the whole process. The same at the “Edit Note” screen. So until I pushed the “Enter edit” button at the bottom, everything was fine.

I hope anyone can somehow relate to this. :disappointed:


I would try to add the tracks as (previously saved) text file and with the help of the track parser - just in case……


This is definitely a bug, because I submitted it again, but it was not imported:





Edit Note:


This could be MBS-8578.

(As a side remark, it seems you are renaming the recording Disco’s Revenge to Disco’s Revenge, i.e. changing the typographically correct apostrophe into a “typewriter apostrophe”. This you shouldn’t do, see the Miscellaneous guideline.)


Ok I’m trying this without ticking the checkbox, although I did that every time before and no problems were caused. And for the ’ thing, I didn’t know, next time I change this.


Indeed this was the problem. Is there eventually a possibility to disable this checkbox, as long as it doesn’t work properly? That would prevent users who don’t know about this bug from having to do all the work again (in case they were not demotivated by this bug like me in the first second). Nevertheless, thank you for solving the problem (for me). :smiley:


I don’t think this is a regular issue: I’ve never run into it myself, and I use that check box a lot (that doesn’t make it any less annoying for you of course). Let’s hope it is fixed soon, because disabling the option might be just as annoying as the bug!

Oh the insanity.. help with adding albums to the site

I’m having the same issue. But this time someone pointed me in the direction of importing with scripts which now is hit or miss as the other way it was just failed attempts after another.


Heya @thedeadinme, any idea if your issue was/is also related to:

Or does unchecking that box not make a difference?


So I have been trying that out and it turns out that was the issue all along.