Track Title of release is different from standard format

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I am editing the tags of the album Masters of the Millennium: Harmonic Inspirations. Picard identifies it as this release, which I guess is correct, although the album art is not. The physical CD release I have is this one.

My question is regarding Track Title names. Let’s take #1 as an example. On this release, it is called “Concerto in A minor Op. 3/8: Allegro” in the MusicBrainz entry, and “Concerto, in A minor, Op. 3/8: Allegro” (notice the commas) on the physical CD. All kinds of aliases are given here, none of them in this format. In the Classical Track Title guide, it says “Titles on classical releases should mostly follow the printed information”. Does that mean to follow the CD release? Is it possible to follow the “recording of” tag: “Concerto No. 8 in A minor for two violins and strings RV 522”.

In addition, this release does not include Conducter and Performing Artist (Ensemble: Solisti Di Zagreb) in the MusicBrainz entry. What is the easiest way for me to add those?

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Easier to write, “The coverart is not entered into MB”. Because the coverart (which includes all album art) defines a Release. So if the coverart is wrong then it cannot be the correct Release.

The MB Track Title has been formed by an editor treating the comma as a typograhical error. The MB title appears to me to be correct.

The preceeding is just to get us using the same jargon/terminology. it is not a criticism of your description.

The action step which might get you the Track Title tag you want is going to need the help of one of the script genii here - but it might require the database to support “localisation” which I don’t think it does yet.

The Conductor and Ensemble are currently entered into MB for this Release.
You could, if you wish, add coverart to the MB if you are confident that it is correct, either by transfering coverart from discogs or by making and uploading scans of your physical album.

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@mmirG has covered a lot of this, but to put another voice behind it:

  • There isn’t any cover art on that release - if you’re getting the orange cover in Picard it’s because it’s falling back to the release group cover after not finding release artwork (you can change this in Picard’s cover art settings, uploading art would also fix it!).

  • I don’t know classical title guidelines well, but we will clean up a title if it’s ‘wrong’, so that comma may not belong. Hopefully we eventually get ‘alternative tracklists’ that would let us also store an ‘as printed’ version.

  • You should be able to use the recording title instead of the track title (tag ‘_recordingtitle’), but someone who knows more about scripting will have to tell you how. FYI lots of people who deep dive into classical seem to use the Classical Extras plugin.
    edit: this should do it, put this into options > scripting in Picard:

  • That release does seem to credit the orchestra and the conductor, as well as on the recordings*. If you want to use them while tagging it might be worth looking at the Classical Extras plugin and setting it up how you’d prefer.

*Relationships on release:

*Relationships on recording:

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Thanks so much for your replies. The Classical Extras plugin seems very useful. I updated the release Masters of the Millennium 2046: Harmonic Inspirations as it is a Dutch rather than UK release, and added cover art from Discogs.

@aerozol I think it should be changed to ‘Work’, but $set(Title,%work%) doesn’t work. I have no experience with scripting so could you help?

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Hmm, this thread looks to have the same questions (and, hopefully, answers):

Thanks! I’ll continue in that topic.