Track name on the back cover different than what's on MB

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This track:

is written as “Beatbox (Diversion One)” on the back cover of the CD.

Is there any proof that the name is written in two words on some releases? The one I have in my hands is the one with barcode 042283736726 (China Records)…

Thanks for helping with my OCD! :slight_smile:

The answer is - look on the original release.

But even a quick glance at that page you link shows dozens of examples. I expect it is just your release with a typo. As your copy is a “Best of” compilation I would lean to the original release format of two words.

If it is any consolation, the Wikipedia page on the track also notes that “on some artwork it is one word”

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But the orginal release is not always right or easy to interpret. I’ve seen some where the track name is spelt differently on the label and the back cover.

When you have a track released on an album like this you can usually trust that album to know what they want to call it. They spend more time over the original release. This example is also backed up by multiple releases also using that name. And then Wikipedia’s article sticking to the Two Word version.

A compilation is always going to be created by a third party, and they will care less about getting things exactly right. Even a Best Of like this from the actual band is often thrown together years after the original releases. Notice that the compilation mentioned here doesn’t even give the remixed track the full title as it just says Beatbox instead of Beat Box (Diversion One).


Right, but generally speaking, any release can have a typo or error. Original releases may be even more likely to have an error, as these tend to get corrected in the subsequent releases.

The Rolling Stones’ “paint it black” was originally released as “paint it, black”. Apparently that wasn’t the artistic intention and someone at the record company had made a mistake. Most newer releases don’t have the comma.

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I agree, it goes both ways. Though the majority of the time the original release gets it right. Which is why MB guidelines also use that as the way to name a recording.

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In French we say that every rules have their exceptions (especially French language learning).
Original releases (single and album) are always correct, except for exceptions. :kissing_smiling_eyes: