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Is there anyway to get Picard to write to tags like TPRO, TENC, TPE2, etc. etc? Using Helium Music Manager when Picard writes a Producer tag it goes to TXXX but in Helium if you manually enter a Producer it goes to TPRO.

Getting these two apps to work together would be a charm if it were possible?


TPRO is not directly supported. You should be able to set it in scripting via $set(_id3:TPRO,2020 Someone). Note that Picard will not read this back, so you will not see it when loading the file. Also note that according to ID3 spec TPRO is very specifically for the the production copyright holder f the original audio, not really the producer of this recording. As such the spec expects this to start with a year number, and software should then display it as e.g. “Produced ℗ 2020 Someone”.

producer itself will be written to TIPL:producer (ID3v2.4) or IPLS:producer (ID3v2.3) by Picard.

For TPE2 Picard uses albumartist, TENC is encodedby.

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Thank you for replying. Let me take a look at your suggestions. I appreciate it.
Stay safe

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Great. Just a note to not misunderstand my talking about what the spec says about TPRO: That’s just the spec, but what software does with the ID3 frames and what the spec actually says is often not very aligned, so use TPRO as it fits you. Just keep in mind that some software might follow the spec and display it different as you thought it would.