Total beginner question


Totally new to this but had some success sorting out my music collection. My main problem is compilation albums are creating a separate folder for each artist. If I sort and Tag the tracks from 100 hits of the 70s for example I get something like Donna Summer – 100 hits of the 70s as a folder then Donna Summer – I feel love inside. Just wanted the Album 100 hits of the 70s then all 100 tracks inside. Can I do this simultaneously to sorting normal albums? Sorry if this is a simple question…


Can you show us your file naming string? But likely you will need just to use %albumartist% (the artist the whole release us credited to) instead of %artist% (the artist the individual track is credited to) for the folder.


Thanks for the reply, this is what I tried, %artist% - %album%/%artist% - %title%


Replace that with

%albumartist% - %album%/%artist% - %title%

and you should be set


Thanks for your help. That worked great…