Toolbar for file name script selection and for Rename, Move and Save options

I have several file naming scripts depending on context. I use all of these every day, constantly. Currently I need to always go to Options → Select file naming script to first activate it and then I can use. I also often change Rename/Move/Save options before using Save button. This involves browsing menus and submenus and is not efficient for workflow I described.

I suggest the following to improve this:

  1. Toolbar combo box for quicker selection
  2. Separate toolbar checkboxes for Rename, Move and Save (also from the Options)

It would probably be good idea to have separate toolbar for this - “Save options” that would look something like this:

[script combo V]   [x]Rename files   [ ]Move files  [x]Save tags       [Save]

Better, checkboxes could also be buttons that activate one of the 3 actions individually:

[script combo V]   [x][Rename files]  [ ][Move files]  [x][Save tags]     [Save]

In this toolbar I could click button [Move files] to just do that without rename and save. [Save] button does all checked options as single action.


Posted upstream as enhacement ticket: [PICARD-2547] Toolbar for file name script selection and for individual Rename, Move and Save options - MetaBrainz JIRA

Have you had a look at Option Profiles? I believe that most of what you want to do can be achieved by setting profiles with each of your preferred settings, and they can be enabled/disabled directly from the main tool bar. It’s not exactly what you’re asking for (separate buttons for each of your use cases), but would seem to be a lot more efficient that what you’re currently doing.


Finally, if you still want to request the changes, I suggest that you enter a ticket so that the request can be properly tracked.


Thanks for suggestions. I will do those things.

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