Too many Ship of Fools

AFAIK, only 2 release groups actually belong to this UK band active in 90s.
But I don’t know what to do with all others that don’t belong to it, mainly because I can’t find much infos about actual artists they may belong to.
Help welcome.


4 of the RGs belong to the UK band, surely? The EP and compilation being the other two?

Sea of Rocks” appears to be by a French blues-rock band (and the release “Ship of Fools” seems to be an identical copy of it).

My first guess was that the other two releases were also by the French band, since they were all imported from deezer by the same editor. However, the Facebook page looks pretty neglected for a group releasing material in 2017/18.


Nice work by @sibilant to find the third Ship of Fools and update all the relevant releases.


Yup, @siblant you did an amazing search and completion work on this, I didn’t expect that. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: