To DiscID or...?

This release is produced and distributed on demand on good old CD-R(W)s, complete with CDs labeled in sharpie and liner notes printed on an inkjet. I just got my own official copy! One of the most exciting musical acquisitions of my life, honestly.

My question, then, is whether I should add the DiscIDs to the database. There must be some significance to them, because (to my surprise) iTunes actually recognized it.


I’d definitely add it. I personally enjoy adding data for such obscure and small releases. Just think about how you were surprised that iTunes recognizes it. Having some disc ID(s) for such a release maybe gives the same experience to someone else who puts the disc in their drive and sees it recognized :slight_smile:

Of course this is a prime example of a disc that potentially has more than one disc ID. They probably always use the same CD image or copy an existing physical CD, but some change in burning software or whatever maybe makes future shipped releases different.


Cool, will do. Just waiting on necessary medium edits to go through…

I’ve got a couple of CDs (not yet added to the database) labelled in Sharpie that I’ve gotten at gigs. One of them is wrapped in half of an old gig poster with the cover art printed on the back.


I thought it was a general rule not to add DiscID’s for CD-R’s?

Not sure where I got that from, and I’ve definitely added plenty, but I remember that from somewhere…

Maybe from here?

Note: Please do not add DiscIDs from homeburnt CDs.


I figured that meant like a reproduction of a mass-produced CD, or a personal compilation.

It’s not obvious to me why the guide says this at all. Maybe it is trying to hint that you should not add a release for a home-burnt personal compilation CD?

But the howto is on adding disc IDs. You can only add disc IDs to already-existing releases (although releases can be created from the submission tool). This CD-R release is in MB and absolutely you should add any relevant disc IDs to it.

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I was all set to do this because some of you kindly pushed my edits through, but Picard gives me a message that it can’t read the TOC.

Update: Odd. Picard gave me an error message on both discs. But CueRipper got the job done.

As I understand the home burnt rule is is about not adding your own burnt CDs for otherwise official releases. So if there is a an official CD and you have a bunch of MP3s and burn a CD from them, don’t add this disc ID. Most likely you created a unique release with a unique disc ID.

But this case here is different: This CD is officially made available as CD-R. The disc ID can be considered authorative. It likely matches the disc ID of others who got a copy of this. Over the years there might be multiple disc IDs if something in the production process changes, but still valid ones.