To add or not to add


When using “Lookup Cd”, I am directed to this album: My back cover does not have a barcode. Instead it has a BMG ID# in its’ place. Since my disc id matches the above release, should I add mine as an additional label/release event? All of the other info matches up. I was going to add the back/spline cover art and a scan of the medium.

The discussions in the edit history show several different things happening within this albums history. If I add a new release, do I pull the disc id from the above? Can two releases have the same disc id attached?

Thank you for reading.


A discid can match different releases.
If the release you have in hands differs (for example, yours has no barcode, but the release at MB has one), first check if another release could match in the same release group (if any).
It is possible the release exists but it has no discid attached.

In this case, the release group has no release without a barcode :

It is also possible the barcode was on a sticker or a cardboard box you don’t have anymore.

In doubt, create a new release, with your discid, and all informations from the CD you have in hands, it will be eventually merged later.

Note: this kind of compilation is released over and over in many countries, so it wouldn’t be surprising your release isn’t yet in MB

In short, i vote for “add” :wink:


Thanks Zas,
I will comply.


Sounds like this might be a record club edition - those are usually nearly identical to a standard release except for barcode and a “distributed by BMG Direct Marketing” or “Columbia House” notation. (Another good use for the proposed “release variants”, Zas…)


Very possible. Mine does have “distributed by BMG Direct Marketing”. I did create a new release -