Titling an English-localized Pseudo-Release and an ambiguously-titled Release Group

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  1. For the release group ウクレレジブリの風, I want to make a pseudo-release of English-localized tracks. I believe all but one of the tracks have official English-localized titles on various English-language Ghibli soundtrack releases, and the remaining one has a widely-accepted translation used on MusicBrainz. However, I’m a bit uncertain about what to title the release. Unlike the tracks, there’s no official English release to draw a localized title from, so I’m leaning towards simply leaving the title romanized (“Ukulele Ghibli no Kaze”) and giving it a Disambiguation of “English localized” to distinguish it from the existing Latin transliteration pseudo-release. I suppose that I could do an ad-hoc translation of the title (“Ukulele Ghibli Breeze”?), but that seems weird to me. What’s the proper way of doing this?

  2. I’m about to create a release group for another Ghibli ukulele album (Catalog # GNCL-1020). However, I ran into an unexpected ambiguity about the title. On the spine of the album, there is clearly a space between ウクレレ and ジブリ, and this is mirrored by its Amazon page, which lists the title as 「ウクレレ ジブリ」. However, it’s listed in some places without the space. Heck—on the publisher’s page (had to use an Internet Archive link, as the company’s since been bought out), it’s listed as both with an interpunct 「ウクレレ・ジブリ」 (at the top of the page) and without a space 「ウクレレジブリ」 (in the body of the page). The final point of data is that neither of the subsequent entries in the series (「ウクレレジブリの森」 and the aforementioned 「ウクレレジブリの風」) have spaces in their names regardless of where I look. So, which should I choose? Is there some order of precedence, or perhaps some central Japanese publishing database containing an official registered title? Unfortunately, JASRAC’s database doesn’t seem to be of much use here, since it concerns individual musical works rather than releases.


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giving it a Disambiguation[/quote]

This never hurts!

A pseudo-release is just that, not a ‘proper’ release
Your own translation, the most widely known fan translation, it’s all valid - official is obviously best, but otherwise feel free to make do with what you can.
Putting lots of information and sources (or mentioning lack of sources) into the comments is great - then you can get stuck in and if a more experienced editor wants to change things later they have the tools to do so.

The spine is considered very high in order of precedence. Anything else on the release itself (eg cover, CD, etc) is up there as well, but Spine seems to be a good rule of thumb.
Often the cover/CD/spine will differ on the same release as well, so it’s a judgement call sometimes…
A company website is unfortunately often not reliable. Amazon is at the very bottom of the accuracy pile :expressionless:

Thanks for your edits, and hopefully that helps!


JASRAC can be helpful for the pronunciation (95% of the time) but not the the style in titling.

For release data (and ISRC, links between tracks, recordings and JASRAC works, etc.), it’s https://www.minc.gr.jp/db/AlbInfo.aspx?CAT1=GNCL&CAT2=1020 but it requires an account.
But same as JASRAC, don’t follow them too closely for release title styling, what matters most is the package itself.
For the record, they have ウクレレ・ジブリ (the space bar is hardly ever used when typing on keyboard, it’s as small as Ctrl or Alt keys) for this GNCL-1020.