"Title" search field

After spending a few days with MusicBrainz I still have trouble understanding whether I should search for a title as a recording, a release, or a work. Would it be possible to have a combined search (e.g. “Title”) that would search all of these categories, and choose the one with the strongest match as the type of search (possibly summarizing the other searches at the top)?

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What are you searching for?

For instance:
A song on a specific album - recording
All recordings of a particular song displayed together, from all the albums it features on - work
An album - release

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That’s my point. When a new user comes to MB to search for a title, I suggest that they shouldn’t have to think about the relation between those three classes. A mode that searched all 3 would be great.

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I guess I take those terms for granted/obvious, but you’re totally right.
A bigger and more central search bar wouldn’t hurt either, while we’re at it (since I assume most site hits go directly there).

Maybe someone else can give more insight.

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An “all” search was planned and half-coded, IIRC. But given the search servers just mostly died, I guess it won’t happen until we move to the new ones at least :confused:

The idea is definitely a good one, anyway, and we should have it. Our idea was more for a generic search (so it’d also match artists, labels, etc). But one specifically for titles could be useful too.


The ticket for tracking this feature is at: