Tiny functionality request for release relationships editor

Is it possible to make “publisher” the default work-label relationship selected in the drop-down menu when editing works through the release relationships editor? The default now is “was commissioned by”, which I have never used. I input publishers much more often than commissions.


Completely agree here! :raised_hands::heart::heart:
And for release-label, I would like something else like distributed for instance.
Because currently it is promoted which I member use and, even worse, when I type m to select manufactured by, it selects the more rare manufactured for instead, because of the order in the list:

It would be fixed by defaulting to distributed or anything above or on manufactured by.

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And also recording-area and recording-place should both default to recorded in/at instead of engineered in/at.
I had so many wrong relationships because of this, I guess. :hushed:

I’m editing on Firefox and typing m always selects “manufactured by” not “manufactured for”, because “manufactured for” is the third item from the bottom. Not sure this behavior doesn’t happens to you.

PS: You edit on mobile?! How do you even navigate the site? :astonished:

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When I press L for label, the type defaults on promoted by so when I type anything, the search looks up for match below current position, not from the start of the list.
I have to press start key then man or just start then m, I don’t remember.

I only exceptionally edit on mobile, it was just to get a screenshot.