Timestamp not kept

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When i change the tags i always want the timestamp to be the original filedate.
In some cases the timestamp of mostly retagged files changes to the actual date.
This is very annoying as i cannot keep of history of filecreation.I think its a bug?Anyone else encountering the same?
It happens for example when you add a pic to the tag on an already tagged file.

First in order to make Picard keep the modification date you need to enable “Preserve timestamps of tagged files” in Options > Tags. See http://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/en/config/options_tags.html

If you have enabled this and it is not preserving the timestamps you are probably using Windows and saving files on a Windows network share. This is a known limitation of Windows. We have a bug report for this, but it is not easy to work around.

If it is not working for you for some other setup please report this as a bug with further details (operating system in use, what files are being saved).

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