This release group series is not worthy of MusicBrainz: "One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately"

My mistake! Thanks for pointing that out. They are quite different!
The style guide is a lot smaller/lighter and doesn’t specifically mention sequence. There’s a lot of inconsistency.

I think series are ordered as implied by the name. Lists have two kinds : ordered and non ordered.

Agreed, but the style guide is more restrictive

A catalogue must be officially published for it to be added as such, and it must be significant; it is not sufficient that someone simply wrote down a list of all the songs by a group.

No idea what a catalogue is, but the ‘list’ must be significant ?
and not just a list someone wrote down… seems pretty restrictive

Maybe allow them, yes.
I would not remove them anyway.


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Also, shouldn’t that be a work series?

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To me, lists like this seem perfectly acceptable to have on MB or LB. Whether it fits existing series types I can’t say. It would be great to have these kinds of lists on LB in the future so they could be listened to there.

I do think people need to put emotion and personal taste aside though as it seems like some are offended songs they enjoy are on these lists. Everyone has different taste, and people are allowed to think differently. It would be an extremely boring world if we all liked the same things. And I say this as someone who enjoys a type of music that gets ripped on all the time outside it’s fandom.


I think it’s rightfully a recording series.
Usually we think of a recording in this case.

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