There aren't very many events

An interesting thing is that events are fairly well used in the Japanese doujin music community, where for example the entire series of Comiket events are in MusicBrainz. They are useful as additional information about when/where music releases were made. (In some cases the Comiket event is merely a launch event, but in others the event might be the only place to buy a limited physical release - especially for works that can’t be sold commercially.)

I think I agree that the current Musicbrainz event system is less useful for handling live events - Musicbrainz really doesn’t deal much with live music performances at all right now, unless they are recorded.


Reviving this old topic, because I feel Events could be an important part of MB.

I’m currently busy adding events from a venue close to where I live, working from the past towards the present. I do this mainly because it’s a lot of fun to dig into the history of this venue that I hold dear. It also helps preserve the history of this venue. I have noticed that a lot of information has already been lost, for example I can’t find any information on events from the 80s, except for some renowned artists. I feel like if this information isn’t kept in places such as MB then eventually more of it will be lost, which would be a shame. What I also like about digging through events is that it lets me discover interesting artists that I hadn’t heard of before. I also stumble upon artists that aren’t part of MB yet, mostly a lot of local bands. So doing this helps preserve music history of the venue but also your local music scene.

I find sites like have a lot of information, and I’m glad they do. Yet I’d prefer all this information to be part of MB, because of the connections to other data in MB, for instance you can link setlist entries to Works.

Also I like to bring up the idea of integrating events into LB. I think events deserve a place there, and this could help draw attention to this part of MB by the LB community.

I’m sharing my thoughts because I thought maybe it’d get others to dig into events :slight_smile:


I have just found this old thread because I am migrating from over to LB. I agree that integrating events into LB would be extremely helpful and might further motivate people to add events there.

Personally, I would love to see upcoming events in my LB feed and/or on the discovery pages. The event history on the artists page is also something I have used quiet a lot on


BTW don’t forget that there is a seeder for populating event data:

This is how i do most of mine now, sure it takes a while to get going but it does work!


I also used events a lot on!

Feel free to vote for the ticket (and related tickets - see ‘Issue Links’), and add any comments if you have suggestions/feedback/ideas:

There is core team work needed, to expose and implement MB event data, so don’t expect this until after the OAuth project is finished (the current big development push). On the upside, this gives us time to finesse the plan and try get the implementation right the first time :slight_smile:


Many thanks for the ticket link and the info. I have voted on the ticket and will add my comments too. It’s great to see this platform further evolve!