The possible end of userscript managers on Chromium-based browsers

Hi script-makers and users,

Here’s a little something I saw on the Tampermonkey’s website that got me a little worried…

The Chrome development team is currently planning changes that will disable Tampermonkey’s ability to execute foreign code. Instead, all userscripts would have to become standalone Chrome extensions.

Currently the public is asked about these changes. If you’re a userscript developer or just enjoy using this extension and want to continue using Tampermonkey in the medium term, then it would be nice if you could tell the developers more about your use case.

Please stay respectful, constructive and focused on the subject. Anything else will not help preserving Tampermonkey. :slight_smile:

Manifest V3 Draft (see ‘Remotely-Hosted Code’)
Manifest V3 Tampermonkey Discussion

Many Thanks.

Maybe it’s time we try to integrate as much of those scripts into MusicBrainz UI ? What are your thoughts on this ?

EDIT: Follow-up from Chromium devs…


It looks terrible indeed… :scream:
I wish Vivaldi could switch to using Firefox instead of Chrome, then. :thinking:

<selfish question> Does this concern me if I’m not using Chrome? </selfish question>

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It depends on what you are using.
Many browsers are based on Chrome.

For example I use Vivaldi but it’s basically a packaged Chrome:

Even M$ will replace its Edge engine with the open source Chromium code base used for Google Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi amongst others.


The Manifest V3 also plans to limit the blocking capabilities of the webRequest API. Therefore Adblockers like uBlock origin will not work anymore or at least only on a very limited level.

If you like Adblockers you should be concerned too :wink:


This! Google unsurprisingly really sucks, here.
But hopefully, Vivaldi is the kind of browser to have its own integrated ad blocker.

This won’t be possible for importers.


Again, this is a concern for Chrome (and chrome-based-browser)-users right?

I’m currently so allergic to G%§$e that I fail to feel sorry for anyone who uses their products. Why would you use spyware like Chrome and then want to block ads anyway? Either you care about your privacy or you don’t.

Everybody just switch to Firefox or another FLOSS browser and enjoy your new freedom!


It wouldn’t be easy, it’s definitely possible…

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It’s not possible, because importers are not supposed to be made into official parts of MusicBrainz. One thing is for people to decide to import data from sources that might not officially allow data reuse, and another is for MusicBrainz to actively develop and incorporate said importers into its code.


I am not sure but Vivaldi being based on Chromium, isn’t it an open source browser?

I agree on making as many as possible part of the UI. I looked into using scripts I see people using for editing because I thought that would make it so much simpler then having two screens full of open tabs while editing. Then I realized they all required you to use a keylogger and screen grabber like the tampermonkey extension and said forget that. I never will use an extension and that is why chrome is moving away from extensions to much of a security risk.

What does it mean?
I use Tampermonkey, FWIW.

Extensions read every page you visit and know what you type on that page. If you trust the developer then use it, but I don’t trust any developer with my banking, crypto, and other sensitive information.

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Woops sorry I use Violentmonkey in fact.
Did I mistype or did my mobile change the name? :thinking:

Can you tell me if you have the same suspicion with it?
It is open source so someone should be able to check that.

BTW, I am using user scripts but I still have plenty open tabs when editing, it is normal. :smiling_face:


My 2 cents… I think a lot of the import scripts should become bot type of scripts, with a long/indefinite review (oops, voting) period. The other ones, those that add to the interface of MB, should for sure become part of the/some sort of advanced interface.

But I know… it’s easy to say this when you are not spending hours on the programming…

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You define on which webpages your script is allowed to run. If you doublecheck this definition, you are pretty save. And if you use something like “Incognito” mode - or a separate browser for banking & crypting - you don’t use this scripts at all.

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I didn’t install it so I didn’t know about the settings to limit what sites it is active on. I have been thinking about setting up a virtual machine just for ripping and musicbrainz editing so I may revisit using them then.

The website mentions whitelist and blacklist ability’s here. But I am the type of weirdo that would have to test it out in a VM with Wireshark and Procmon running before I trust something enough to set it free on my main system.

Yes, but Firefox developers have the habit of copying things the Chrome developers do, so sooner or later there will be calls to introduce similar changes to Firefox.