The new version keeps freezing

I use a combo of Win7 and WIn10 on two or three PCs over ten year old. Old Quad Core Q6600 processors. Usually 4GB of RAM. Standard SATA spinning disks. Normally working on the local hard disk. And I am not suffering in the same way you are on every file.

How are you ripping your files? How are they encoded?

I am ripping my CDs using EAC to FLAC. These will be edited quickly by Picard. No [Not Responding] states. Will deal with an album in one go in a few seconds.

I only get [Not responding] if working on a box set that has been ripped by an an “unknown” person. When I don’t know the quality of the tags. Some programs can write bad FLAC files. When this happens Picard has to do a lot more work editing the files and re-writing the files. BUT once that has happened, any subsequent pass of Picard writing to those same files is now very fast.

When Picard is slow to save a file, what happens if you try and save that same file again? Is it quicker the second time?

Picard is generally improving in writing speed. But it is also doing more than it did in the past. There are a very low number of negative reports. I will assist you where I can.

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