The legacy hamburger navigation menu option will be replaced

Last update of Discourse (those forums) displays this message:

Your Discourse is currently using the ‘legacy’ navigation menu which will be removed in the first beta release of Discourse 3.2. Migrate to the new navigation menu by updating your navigation menu site setting to ‘sidebar’ or ‘header dropdown’.

More details can be read at Removing the legacy hamburger navigation menu option - announcements - Discourse Meta

Our initial plan was to move to ‘header dropdown’ as it is quite similar to what we have now, though we thought users can help in this decision.

What kind of navigation would you prefer as a replacement to the legacy navigation which will disappear in future versions?

  • header dropdown
  • sidebar
  • I don’t care
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Current (legacy):

Header Dropdown:



At a glance, sidebar looks tidiest to me, but realistically I don’t really care, I’ll get used to either option :slight_smile:


It’s strange that the sidebar is collapsable.

you wouldn’t happen to have examples of all three on mobile, would you? asking as I often browse the forum on mobile~


Good point!

Just checked and the difference between the two on mobile is negligible, from what I can tell (one has collapsible sections):

Current (legacy) mobile

Header Dropdown mobile

Sidebar mobile


I enabled sidebar navigation according to poll results. The poll is now closed.



The fact I can dismiss this sidebar with a click on the hamburger menu icon is nice. But it then comes back the next day after the browser clears cookies and I log out. Do I now need cookies enabled for this forum? Or is there another way I can “hide by default”?

Surprising bonus of this change… have now spotted the keyboard shortcuts menu. Handy.

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After some days using this new collapsible sidebar:

  • It looks distracting, bogus and not beautiful, next to MeB logo, the titles are more slightly difficult to read/catch
  • The collapse/expand is animated in an ugly and clumsy fashion

I think the header dropdown icon instead, looks better with the other same size icons on the top right of the screen.

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@jesus2099 you seem to be describing modern design. Adding more clicks for no reason.

I find the new menu weird as there is nothing on there I ever click on. So I find myself only clicking on Hide all the time. Really wish it would hide by default. I thought that was the original point of those hamburger menus.


I guess it’s only hidden by default if you have a very small screen…

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I often click this sidebar hamburger instead of the MeB logo (to get back to my homepage).
It makes targetting the topmost used-to-be-leftmost big header homepage link logo, more difficult.

@yvanzo what do you think, could we change to header drop down, now that we experienced with sidebar?

Hamburger button

  • Sidebar hamburger button is in the way of the homepage link (logo used to be leftmost icon)
  • Header drop down hamburger button is appropriately shown with all the other such buttons (search and user menu) (and also where it used to be, for what it’s worth)


  • Sidebar opens/closes in a clumsy fashion, making full content scroll left to right and vice versa
  • Header drop down opens/closes in an OK fashion

Except if others want to stick to this sidebar.

I have also copied this feedback to Discourse.

You probably mean @zas as I‘m not an administrator of the community forums.

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