The General Chatter/Off Topic Thread

Kia Ora koutou!

Athough we have a ‘General Chatter’ section, there’s no thread that I can find where people can really go for it. Every now and again something comes up about threads going off-topic too much, or threads being split too much. So I thought an avenue for ‘pointless’ (but great!) discussion might be nice.

Use this thread for:

  • Anything you want to talk about but don’t think warrants a thread
  • About anything, including off-topic, or related to a MetaBrainz product (e.g. MusicBrainz)
  • Uhm… and everything else too x

I have this weird thing that I’ve picked up over the last few years which is picking up really DIY CD* releases at charity shops and trying to archive them via ripping + MusicBrainz. MB Collection here. NZ releases only, more or less. I’ve really overdone it travelling recently and have a stack of like 30 really crappy (promising!!) CD’s on the desk…

Anyway I’ve posted some mini reviews on the social and I might share a couple:


Rating: Doesn’t sound like 16 people playing accordion at once (disappointing)
Of note: Text on back reads “Formed in 1972 when there were five accordion orchestras in Christchurch, this orchestra is the sole survivor”. FIVE. What a time.

*DIY CD’s: an archaic art, popular during a very narrow band of human history


Christchurch? Does the Wizard also play Accordion? :mage:

Just looked quickly at that collection… glad to see the madness is on all sides of the planet.

Think my favourite is this one:

Can I get a copy converted to MP3? I need to clean my MP3 player.


When I added that one I was certain that it would eventually be removed from the database if it got noticed! I am so glad MB editor tolerance for weirdness is higher than I expected :sweat_smile:

I really like the design so it had to go into the DB…

Rating: Best panflute album I’ve ever (briefly) owned
Of note: When I first saw ‘nominated NZ album of the year’, I thought “by who exactly, Mr. Lines?!?!”. But shame on me, because this album really did get pipped at the post in 1996, by Shihad’s Killjoy album, which has decidedly weak sweater game. Common ref.


You may notice I have corrected the language on the Release and added other database links. I was also very tempted to add a few more variations as I googled the cat number and it turns out they have been issuing the same thing for years, but changing the artwork with the decades. There are a few on EBay. Clearly a collectors item. And will be in many a tape collection so should be in MB in my mind.

Talking design - that panflute album. What a sweater! As to “Max Lines” - I assume that refers to the cocaine used during production.


Feel free to post your mini reviews on CritiqueBrainz as well. :smiley:


This was funny to see today. Nice one who ever added that feature. But there seems to be a bug. It should be four candles :joy:

Or would that be too much of a fire risk for the oldies around here?


Did @akshaaatt post this anywhere? He interviewed @mr_monkey on his YouTube channel!

Lovely interview :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I used to not care about matrix/pressing info, and thought it was weird that Discogs always had a picture of the matrix. But now NZ pressing locations have been added to my compulsive editing needs (when I add an in-hand CD anyway)!

So satisfying: Tag “new zealand pressing plant” - MusicBrainz

Do you all ignore matrixes, or give them a peek?

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I occasionally look, see if there’s a glass mastering credit or the like on there. otherwise, not usually.

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I add as many manufacturer relationships as I can. The European plants change hands a lot so these are Labels (Manufacturer) as well as Places (Pressing Plant). As an example, I have two copies of one CD where the only difference is one was printed by PDO, the other PMDC after the plant changed hands. I can get into far too much geeky details in this area now. Something I 100% blame MB for. :rofl: :crazy_face:


I look at them when I have enough time to create my disambiguated edition, instead of only adding a similar enough edition to my MB collection.

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I am a big fan of storage so I was really looking forward to IKEA/Brand Music’s ‘STORAGE: Music for Better Living’. Storage lovers, join me.

1 Heksedansen - I realise this is probably not the storage-themed album I was hoping for
2 All About My Girl - pretty storagey actually. good montage music for putting a bed together
3 If You Buy This Record (Your Life Will Be Better) - great track, but not very storage related
4 We Like to Party! (The Vengabus) - a bus is a kind of storage for people I suppose? terrible song
5 That’s the Way I Like It - have ANY of these been recorded in or around storage? i’m starting to doubt it
6 Living in a Box - theme is finally on point but musically not very box-like
7 The Wild Boys - …visit the IKEA store!!
10 DooDah - actually had to skip this one. very very bad
12 Tocar Para Sarakali - last track, chill and storagey. wikipedia says the artist was since put into storage for 7 years himself, for abusing children, so on theme but still definitely the worst yet

A generous 1/5. Should have check the track list before I got too excited about storage and wasted $1.


You should add it the release to MB and your review to CB of not yet done. :wink:


going through my iTunes collection, and I found that free U2 album from 2014, I haven’t ever seen an entity in so many collections, lol

(I’ve also never listened to it, :joy:)


Yes and about that, digital media really suck.
I received it for free once on an iPad that I was also offered.
But one year ago, I wanted to listen to this free U2 album.
Guess what? I don’t have it any more.
Or it is impossible to listen to, I don’t know.
DL albums suck. :smiley:

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that’s odd, I just re-downloaded all of my music from iTunes a couple days ago, and got that release… I’m in the US, so that might make a difference…

I do agree tho, losing digital media sucks. I got a couple digital copies of some vinyl some time ago, and somehow they disappeared from my main library. fortunately, I got them back after searching one of the many duplicate libraries I have leftover from several hard drive clones and backups :sweat_smile:

I will say though, it’s much easier to get free digital media than physical…
(just don’t look at my digital collection that’s twice the size of my physical collections) :wink:

Maybe it’s because I don’t know how you do this: download stuff from iTunes.
How did you do that?

I went to and it asked me to download some software.
But I want to download my U2 album, not some software.
I already have foobar2000 and Audacious.
I don’t have admin rights on office Windows PC and my home PC is on Linux, which they apparently don’t give a damn. :wink:
I can’t even see my library, there.
There must be some other website, no?

I have 9 DL releases in my collection, but mostly for testing my mb. HIDE DIGITAL RELEASES user script, though. :innocent:

I think you gotta download the music through their iTunes software… that’s how I did it, at least. I don’t believe there ever was a Linux version of iTunes, but I read somewhere that it can work with WINE. I’m a total Linux noob tho, so I have no idea how that works… :wink:

however, once you get the files, you should be able to play them wherever, if I’m not mistaken… if you need them in a different file format like MP3, iTunes can do that too, maybe even a big batch if you’ve got a lot of music.


I buy many 1€–4€ second-hand CD, it’s easier.
I’ll add this one in mind when I browse the 1€ shelves. :wink: