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Hmm, i dont really understand how this entry would be any different from this entry:

It’s the same “video”, would be different in my opinion if it was the buggles singing it live / performing.

Surely you could just add that annotation to the original entry (above)?


Sometimes videos will have different text overlays showing the title (like on the MTV video, recently posted), sometimes no text at all.
This is how music videos can differ, even for the same music video. :mask:

Isn’t that just like “mastering”. Underneath is the same video recording?

‘back in the day’, the actual videos didn’t have the overlay. The video was the video.
The overlay was made based on who was showing the video. Which is why the same video could be shown on another show/channel and the words would look different.


It would be similar to watching tv. Every show airing on ABC tonight will have the ABC logo in the lower right hand corner. Tomorrow, when it airs on the BBC, it will not say ABC. Next month when it hits Netflix, it will not say ABC.
But it is the same video. ABC just happens to want to ruin our screens via screen burn, so they toss out a overlay during their broadcasts.


It could be worse. They could move it all over the screen to avoid the burn-in. :wink:

I would like to add my agreement with what @jesus2099 is saying. Discogs has its problems, but boy does MusicBrainz as well. Unless you love web design and UI from 10+ years ago, in which case I guess it’s perfect (and I know this is a lot of the MB editors ahahaha)

I certainly hope nobody feels pressure to do typographical apostrophes!

But FYI I never touched them until I installed @kellnerd’s script. Now I do em all the time as I go because it’s eeeeasy woo!!

See this ticket! The script that Kellnerd made already has better features than the Guess Case one (highlights changed fields) :exploding_head:


When I mute my tv, it moves the muted speaker icon. Not drastically. Not quickly. But a pixel shift. Over the course of a minute, it moves about 8 inches, and then it starts over.
These channels could do the same.
At least today, I have a tv with an auto-shutoff. So, if I fall asleep, or forget to come home, it doesn’t stay on for a week.

just found another project to keep me from working through my own library…

a very interesting watch for those interested in meme & anime culture from the mid-to-late 2000’s, and probably even for those of y’all who aren’t~

I’m prolly gonna put in a bunch of edits in these artists…


haha, i saw this video a few days ago, and honest to god the first thing i thought was “i wonder if all this information is already in MB”.

sidenote, jan Misali rules. everyone should check out his other stuff if you want obscure and very detailed hour-long videos

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if you wanna help, it might be a bit before I add all the Caramella Girls’ singles… I’m just focusing on the 846 different Caramelldansen releases for the moment… :wink:

I just recently found him myself. I’m also a fan of Adam Neely, Polyphonic, and Scruffy (also Ahoy, LEMMiNO, and Technology Connections, but they don’t do much on music, lol).

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omg, are you me? i love technology connections & adam neely! i’ll have to check out those others, since i know you have good taste :wink:

oh i definitely will! adding dozens of digital singles is my specialty :wink:

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I do already have edits in for a lot of the Caramelldansen singles, moving them from Caramell. I don’t know if all of them are on there or not tho…

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I’m intrigued! (but don’t have time to watch a video)

I’m sure one of you was going to get round to it but what’s the relationship between Caramell and Caramella girls? Just cause there’s nothing in the annotations and disambig to help me :smiley:

(or are they going to be merged)

Yeah, I’m confused. looks like a mislabeled copy of Recording “ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) (Ryu* Remix)” by Caramell - MusicBrainz

Sounds like it too.

What am I missing?

they’re actually two separate groups, Caramell was a 4-piece Swedish dance band, and the Caramella Girls seem to be a virtual group (kinda like Gorillaz is) created by Remixed Records. as far as I can tell, not much is known about who’s behind Caramella Girls, outside of several unsourced Wiki claims.

according to the video, the Caramell remixes are now credited in stores as by the Caramella Girls, as well as quite a few original songs after 2010, many years after Caramell was no more.

also, I’ve got a track from the album below from around 2010, back when it was credited to Caramell:

I haven’t gotten around to adding annotations yet, but there is a new “Named After” relationship between the two. (I guess not technically correct, since the girls were probably named after the song which was named after the first group, but I think it’s close enough)


…so, after a bit of research, I believe the Caramella Girls stopped using the Caramell name just before the end of 2019, both because of some Wayback Machine digging I did on YouTube, and a bit of iTunes/Apple Music knowledge from from @yindesu.

I’ve also found that most of the Caramell versions are still available on Spotify and Deezer. they don’t show up on either artist’s Spotify page, but they do show up on Deezer. Atisket doesn’t find an iTunes/Apple Music release when I look these versions up, so I don’t think those exist anymore. the Caramell and Caramella Girls versions do have different barcodes and streaming links.

I also added my first Live Bootleg release from YouTube:


You can use Experience the App Store and iTunes Anywhere | fnd to find Apple Music releases around the world. I wouldn’t rely on a-tisket to find anything. It misses tons of Spotify releases and is now not working correctly with Apple Music on most releases after November 2021.


that might be handy, actually… I’ll keep that in mind~

for what it’s worth though, I usually start with the Spotify release, since that’s my current streaming platform of choice. I haven’t been adding too many new releases either.

that’s not to say I haven’t been having issues with Atisket myself, of course, but I do still find it handy for adding a bunch of digital releases, complete with maximized artwork, ISRCs, and streaming links.

also in this particular case, I didn’t find the Caramell singles on fnd, I’m pretty sure they were just straight-up removed from Apple Music

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That’s what I do too. Start with the Spotify release for best results! Good advice for everyone.


just wanted to share this gem that I just added to:

I’m definitely not old enough to remember these, but maybe some of y’all are :wink:

there are a couple I haven’t added yet, prolly gonna get to those tonight

(and yes, I did add parody works for all the songs I knew)