The Best Club Anthems 2001... Ever!

Can someone take a look at this release:

I have just uploaded the back cover art for this release. From this you can see that there are a number of issues with the release. Here are some examples.

The release is named “The Best Club Anthems 2001” and I think it should be named “The Best Club Anthems 2001… Ever!”.

Tracks 13 and 14 are swapped.

Some of the track names are missing info.

The label is “EMI Music South Africa” when it should be “Virgin” or perhaps “KLASS”.

How should I proceed? Must I edit the existing release or add a new one.

The scans you’ve uploaded both have the year 2000 rather than 2001, and a different barcode, suggesting you have a different release, so I would suggest adding a new release. EDIT: not to mention a different number of tracks and a different tracklist :slight_smile:

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The catalog number and bar code are the same as well as the release date of 2000. This does not mean that the existing entry has the correct info. I added a new release.

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What I mean is the original release says “The Best Club Anthems 2001” on the cover and has 22 track and a barcode 6002140957422, whereas the back cover and medium artwork you added both say “The Best Club Anthems 2000… Ever!”, and the back cover shows a barcode of 6002140926923 and 20 (different) tracks.