That Newbie Basic Issue!

OK, I have a set of files in the left hand pane. I have “looked up” the CD and have a correct set of names in the right hand pane. Track times are identical (no surprise as its the same CD!).

How do I connect the names set right with files set left and save in one go? I can highlight a single left file, move over and drop on right name and it works, and after doing all repetively can save OK, though it never shows anything other than red/orange rectangle for each moved across file, the green tick does not appear until after saving.

No matter what I have tried, Cluster on no cluster, I can only move files onto names one file at a time, then save them all. The help instructions don’t!

What am I doing wrong please?

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Don’t the files cluster at all or can’t you drag the cluster title? You do have to save the files manually, but you can click on the title of the release (or select multiple files or releases with shift and control) and save them all in one go.

Thanks for quick reply.

It shows as clustered, and I can drag the clustered folder across to right, or grouped highlighted files across to right, but no matter where I “drop” them, title or file, they end up in a folder at bottom called “unmatched files”.

In that case the data isn’t similar enough for Picard to confidently match your files to the tracks. Could you post a screenshot or two?

Thanks, pics will have to wait for later as an unconnected process is running I dare not risk!

Taking the files across and dropping them one by one on the right track name and time info works, but always shows a red or orange or sometimes red and orange rectangle left of the name, so I assume even manually it does not like the match, except it IS a match not only to the second but sounds right when played back, so am at a loss as to what to do TO make it a match!

It depends on the metadata in your files. Some CD ripping software does a good job adding information while ripping (dBpoweramp for example), others may not add any information at all. The colour of the rectangles show how similar the metadata is: the greener the better.

Ah, OK…

See also point #9 at