Temp DB changes / delay commit

I was unsure how to ask this or where, so I hope development makes the most sense… I hope this makes sense.

When I work on my databases, I make changes to the data and wait to commit said changes until I am satisfied with the final result. In many cases, if I am cleaning something up, changes get made, viewed and changed again as more changes are made in the process of a cleanup involving multiple data entities.

Assuming that made sense, I find when editing in MB that at times I need to reverse a prior edit I made, prior meaning minutes ago, or an hour ago, etc. This is due to making proper edits, but after moving into other releases, that prior edit makes sense being done differently. The issue is this is not really seen until that point in progress is made.

So my question is … is there a way to do this in MB? I sort of assume the answer is no, since other factors could get involved like data checkout, locking, etc. But I thought I would ask as I hate having to undo an edit then having to not only see a reversal in the history, but also needing to wait 7 days to reverse something I just did.

Hope that makes sense.

Indeed, the answer is no, even in the foreseeable future, check MBS-3883.

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