Technically 3 release groups but also technically 1?

Album is Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku’s recent best album(s). It was released as 2 albums: Chuusotsu ~Ebichuu no ikeike Best~ and Chuukara ~Ebichuu no wakuwaku Best~ separately which I guess you’d count as the regular editions. They have different tracklists and names so different release groups was the most sensible option I thought. But then there’s also a limited edition that includes both of the previously mentioned album’s discs as well as a 3rd disc in an LP sized CD case, which is titled Chuusotsu / Chuukara ~Ebichuu Complete Best~ that has different catalogue numbers as well . So Basically there’s 3 different releases that are basically one release. I just wondered if I’m right in doing what I’ve done so far - which is keep seperate release groups - or if it’s better to put them under one group since they’re all considered the same album? More info on Wikipedia if needed.

Why do the Japanese do this to us though that’s the real question.

That sounds more like a Series than a release group. If they are demonstrably different (i.e. not just variations on the same release), you can link the release groups together using a Series.


The way I’d do this would be three release groups, but with the two 1-disc albums linked as “included in” the third - this is basically a 2-in-1 “boxset”.


I did wonder if there was a way to link the release groups like that. Good to know.

Thanks guys!