Tear for Fears

Every time I attempt to use MusicBranz on a Tears for Fears Album. The program will start to search for matches and then it will close. Also, if I try to manually add the album tags the program auto closes. I have never seen it do this do any other music.

Any thought?

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I can’t break it with my Tears for Fears albums - maybe your files are corrupt?

If that’s not it, let me get in before the techs do and advise to share with us an error log - in Picard go to ‘Help > View Error/Debug Log’. Try make it crash and then share the output here.

edit: hah, obviously, as outsidecontext says below, this window would close if it crashed. Derp. Do what they said instead!!


To add to what aerozol said, to see actual log output after a crash you’ll need to start Picard from command line. If you are on Windows, open a command prompt window and launch Picard with:

"C:\Program Files\MusicBrainz Picard\picard.exe" -d

This assumes you have installed Picard to the default folder. Please note the quotation marks, those are mandatory. Picard will start and output a bunch of information on the command prompt. Leave the command prompt window open, and inside Picard make it crash. Now I need the output of the command prompt window. A screenshot is usually enough, just make sure you capture the very end of the output.

Also please share some details about which Picard version you are using, what operating system this is on, what plugins you have enabled and which release this actually is. That can help reproducing the issue.