"Tap to see your song history" has 1815 hits on Stats page


pretty simple, on the global stats page there is a strange entity titled “Tap to see your song history” ?

Also appears here:


It would be interesting to see what app causes that.

It’s an interesting list. It also looks like most Ariana Grande listeners haven’t tagged their tracks (1605 listens for untagged and 1435 for tagged Ariana Grande, combined that would take her to second place). Ariana Grande fans are a largely untapped source of MusicBrainz users!


I believe it’s from the ListenBrainz app submitting listens from the Google Pixel “now playing” feature, where it listens to music around you and tells you what it is. the metadata it feeds to the ListenBrainz app is what gives you this fake artist (there’s a ticket and thread about it too)


That “now playing” feature misuses the artist field of the playback notification to display this extra text.

The Bandcamp app does something similar when streaming to Chromecast. In normal playback on the phone it shows the track title as title and the artist as artist as expected. But on Chromecast playback it shows title and artist in the title field but some generic text (something about that playback is happening on Chromecast) in the artist field.

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