Tags not displaying

Using Musicbrainz on Windows 10 for the first time and none of the normal tags such as composer/writer/performer etc are displaying as they did in Windows 8? I’ve tried several CDs and the database has those tags available but they are not importing in.

Have you enabled track relationships?

Yes that’s been enabled.

Also which release are you tagging? Are you trying with a MB release with a lot of tracks? If yes, look at Having a big problem with MusicBrainz database and Picard tagger, help please

Also does the release have the relationships for writer / composer etc. set?

Just CDs with between 10 and 15 tracks.

I deleted the Musicbrainz app I installed for Windows 10 and reinstalled the older version I had dowloaded a couple of years agon and now it is pulling composer writer lyricist in to the file and saving. Now I just need to remember how to write a script that will still allow me to have the composer / writer field displayed when the database doesn’t have it so I can enter it manually.

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Hi friends. I have this same problem (still) - using the old version and the dev version for the last few weeks.

(I’m also the author of the thread mentioned in outsidecontext’s earlier message above)

For example, I have 1000+ mp3s in a box set for Rubinstein. And yet, even though Picard 100% matches up the tracks perfectly in the release, no composer tags get saved into my tracks. It’s crippling this archive process and I don’t know what else I can do.

Is there any fix currently that will force pull these tags to my files? The gold icon appears on my album in Picard, all files matches 100% green, etc. - but only the most basic of tags are pulled in.

At least I would love to have composer info per track tags. Please advise?


Composer and conductor tags not being saved in Picard, but all tracks/files match up correctly and saved otherwise.

Thanks so much. Appreciate the help. I’ve tried doing it in small batches, lookups, scans, manually release group IDs, everything I could think of. No composers :frowning: