Tagging script doesn't seem to run automatically

I’ve noticed recently that I had to correct some things in my player after tagging with Picard. If I just process through the releases, my script changes aren’t made. If I select the release and “run Scripts,” everything works as intended

Looking at the debug logs, I find errors for loading the BPM plugin, and, and webservice handles indicating coverart is not found, or there are too many requests. When I run the script manually, there are no errors in the log, only the actions taken

Windows 10 Home Build 19628.mm_release.200508-1414
MusicBrainz Picard 2.3.2
Python 3.7.6

I did not have Python installed, so I installed the latest version, based on an older post about this issue…I’ve tried nothing and am out of ideas.

I had problems with this before. Apparently scripts are only automatically run when releases are loaded into Picard, which means that scripts that use metadata from MusicBrainz are not executed (properly). Which is why you have to run the script manually after everything has finished loading.


Make sure the script is enabled in Options > Scripting (has the checkbox in front of the script name checked) and keep in mind that scripts are run on data loaded from MB, so for releases loaded on the right.

Scripts do not run automatically for files just loaded on the left. Also scripts for this reason currently cannot access file metadata, so if your script is relying on data only present in the file it might seem like it is not running.


I think this is formulated a bit misleading. Of course the scripts work with the data loaded from MB, that’s where Picard gets its data from. Maybe you meant scripts only work with data from MB?


That explains it perfectly. Thanks.

You have saved me from an incredibly frustrating morning.

I mean scripts don’t work as you’d expect, where some of them are run automatically when you tag a release with Picard, and some require user intervention. This is not documented anywhere and for end users this just appears to be completely random.

I’ve tried to capture the relevant information in the Picard Documentation Project, specifically the section on Scripts under Extending Picard. There is also a section on Processing Order explaining when each type of script or plugin is executed.

If something isn’t clear in the explanations, or something needs to be added, please let me know. This is still a work in progress, but I think it’s getting pretty close to being usable.