Tagging media that has no tracklist on MB or that differs in track count?

Just wanted to ask, is there a way to say to Picard to tag a media file as release x instead of track y or z? As the title says, it would be really nice to also be able to tag files using releases that lack tracklists currently or that differ in tracklist - e.g. some people merge entire albums into one audio file for tuned gapless or to avoid dealing with playlists or naming on devices that don’t support those.

I have come across this with vinyl rips - often a track is credited as two different tracks on the back but there is no gap between them in practice/you would rip them as one.

But I haven’t found a good way to tag these with Picard unfortunately.

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I use Fade out/Fade in and rip them as 2 tracks. This is also how I handle live albums with applause in between songs.

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I made an example where having separate files would be nice but annoying in practice - to have a fix for that would be nice.

There’s also just literally no way to tag files with releases that have no tracklist that I’ve found, ripping into separate files doesn’t work there either :P

A release without a tracklist should just be a temporary placeholder. Once someone comes along who actually owns the release and has the files or physical media, they can then add the information for the tracklist and tag from there.


Absolutely correct, but as I said, being able to tag a file according to the release would hit five birds with one stone but as I understand, that can’t be done right now with Picard?