Tagging a split and edited single track concert recording


I need advice in the following case:

  1. I find a good recording of a whole concert. It’s possibly a video. The recording is not edited so that it’s not full-on music all the time but there is chatter amongs the actual songs, encore and stuff like that.
  2. I want to split that recording to invidual tracks representing the songs

How would that edited multi-track release be tagged in MusicBrainz? Would it be considered a bootleg?


Quoth the Beginner’s Guide:

While we welcome bootlegs, we discourage adding home-made compilations
or mixtapes. These kinds of releases are not widely available and any
information about them is typically only useful to the individual who
created them. Releases such as these are usually removed from our

So my personal feeling is that it should not be in MusicBrainz at all.

What you can do that definitely adds value, is to add information about the concert (http://musicbrainz.org/event/create). You should be able to add the full setlist based on that recording.

Adding the full-concert file to MB is probably fine too, whether as a standalone recording linked to the event or as a full (single-track) release (probably set as a bootleg).


Zastai, thanks for your answer.

I agree that Musicbrainz should not have metadata about “releases” which are for personal use. But if the edited release (As described in my first post) is also published (Say in Youtube or elsewhere) how should it be tagged?

In my opinion there are many quality recordings out there that should be available in “album” form instead of just single tracks. Just like official live albums.


This is called ‘bootlegging’ :slight_smile:
We allow bootlegs if they’re ‘notable’ enough, meaning that you can show that they are widespread enough to be of use to others who use the database.
Unfortunately a unpopular/dead torrent, or a youtube video without any way for someone else to download the files, or similar, is unlikely to satisfy this requirement. That said, you could give it a shot I guess.

But generally speaking you might have to resign yourself to Zastai’s suggestion of adding the original file/ single recording and living with that. Often MB doesn’t cater to our every individual need - I have some vinyl rips with weirdly split/ unsplit tracks that don’t match up with MB - but I have to live with it, as MB needs to reflect the actual track listings. Sorry.