Tagger script returns error when tag starts with #

Hi, I’m trying to run a script to remove comments from files, since most have information that I don’t find useful.
Until now I had no trouble running the following script.


But when I tried to run it on some files that had “#LosslessONE” as comment, Picard refuses to write to the file and shows a stop mark.
Error log is as follows

E: 19:48:47,032 util.thread.run:56: Traceback (most recent call last):
File “picard\util\thread.py”, line 52, in run
File “picard\file.py”, line 265, in _save_and_rename
File “picard\formats\vorbis.py”, line 290, in _save
File “picard\formats\vorbis.py”, line 309, in _remove_deleted_tags
IndexError: list index out of range

Any ideas of how I could solve this issue?

Thanks for reporting. This issue has already been fixed in the development version. We’ll hopefully have a new release with the fix included out soon.