Tag synonyms

Since this forum has been updated to the latest beta of Discourse, can we use tag synonyms?

In particular, recent topics about localization have been using the tag “translation”, while older topics used “internationalization” or “i18n”. As a consequence, some old info has likely not been found by newer participants. That would be easier to find related topics if these were all marked as synonyms.

I would suggest to use “internationalization” for the main tag as it relates to both “localization” and “translation” and to attach the following tags as synonyms:

  • i18n
  • internationalisation
  • l10n
  • localisation
  • localization
  • translation

Even if some of these are not currently used, it makes easier for users to enter/find an useful tag.


I’ve linked up #internationalization with #i18n and #internationalisation.

As i18n and l10n are not the same thing (though they’re related) and we currently don’t have any localisation tags, I omitted that one.

#translation” is a subset of localisation but not directly part of internationalisation, so I didn’t put that one under that umbrella, since people who want to discuss translation things here may not want to discuss the i18n side of things.

I glanced over our current tags but didn’t immediately see any other tags that might be synonyms of each other, of ones that are actually being used. It looks like the community is generally being good about grooming the tags on topics. :slight_smile:

Edit: If anyone else sees some good candidates for possible merging/synonymising, just post them here and I’ll consider it!


I didn’t know this synonym feature and something I have been regularly doing here was tidying tags:

  • when a new one off “duplicate” tag was created, I would retag the topic to the previously existing tag.
  • when I saw duplicate tags, I would find the most used one and retag all others

Which is maybe too much overzealous, but we didn’t have that synonym feature at the time.


@jesus2099 is not the only one cleaning up :slight_smile:

I’d like to suggest these:

Maybe these too:


A post was split to a new topic: Tag/genre synonyms

More suggestions:


Could we merge these too?

Both were used officially by staff for the same thing. :wink:

(tag merge, tag aliases, tag synonyms)


Shouldnt these requests be put through on JIRA?

Just concerned they’ll be lost in the wash


I’ll add some more~ I feel like using the multi-word tags might make things clearer, especially for newcomers

(yes, I just went through a bunch of the more commonly used tags)

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