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Basically all my albums are tagged with Picard which means there’s a MBID in almost every file. If I add the files to Picard it will automatically match them to the correct album. I’m looking to tag a lot of these files with information that’s not specific to any particular release group.

I’m looking to tag things like performers and their role, lyricist, composer e.t.c. As you know, this information is almost always available on original album releases. However, if a track on that album is also available on a compilation, the information in question is not always present in the release group of that compilation.

This means that, in my library, the track “Smoke on the water” from the album “Machine Head” contains a lot more information than the same track found on the compilation “Air Guitar Anthems”.

Is there a way for me to add my library to Picard, have it match all the tracks individually to album release types that contain the most information, and then have it tag the above-mentioned fields without touching anything else?

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I could be wrong, somebody with more knowledge will be along soon.

That metadata that you seek is associated with the Recording that is on the Track “Smoke on the water” from the Release “Machine Head”.

If the Recording “Smoke on the water”, from the Release “Air Guitar Anthems”, has been entered into the MB database as the same Recording as “Smoke on the water”, from the Release “Machine Head”, then they will have the same metadata.
If they are the same recording but MB database does not contain that specific metadata then can very easily, as you’ve seen, not have the same details about performers and their role, lyricist, composer etc. Instead MB will have duplicate Recordings.

Unfortunately the MB database needs more data before it can give you what you ask for.
(Maybe in 15 years time AI will be able to go though and merge all the duplicate Recordings.)
The bad news: (Warning - not what you want to read.) There is a currently a way for you to have Picard match your track recordings individually to Recordings that contain the most information. But that involves someone going through and identifying and then merging the duplicate Recordings.


Given what neuro-science is showing about how the brain works, it is reasonable to claim that if you go through the relevant tracks on Musicbrainz and carefully identify the associated duplicate Recordings and Merge them then they will sound better to you.

If you choose to take up this challenge then the resources available to you include this forum, and, if you indicate you wish that it should be so, very likely a mentor.

So in exchange for a few* (cough, cough) hours of your time you can get your music to sound better, and get it tagged with all available Recording Relationships.

  • Where “few” means more than 2. :eyes:
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Thanks for the reply! To be honest, I was kinda expecting an answer somewhere along the lines of what you gave and at least now I know definitely.