Tag Lookup Results not searching Artist field correctly

Maybe this is my problem but for the last few days doing a “Tag Lookup” on MusicBrainz the results come back listing all songs (Name column) with the Artists name? ie Search [ARTIST:] “Madonna”, [TRACK:] “The Power Of Good-bye” the results list every song (in NAME column) with “Madonna” (not the Track I entered) in it against every ARTIST (not the Artist I entered)? Many pages in I eventually find the matching song (NAME) and artist (ARTIST) to my search. This is rather time consuming and frustrating having to look through many pages of results till I find the match to my search. I expectation is to see the song and artist as searched listed to the beginning of the results Am I doing something wrong or setting is wrong? Is this expected behavior?
Thanks Rob

If I understand you correctly, I think that lookup is set up such that you can search either the artist or the track, but not both (even if you enter search criteria in both fields).

Tag lookup should use all fields entered, it use to work that way.
I used tag lookup exclusively, but after the search engine upgrade I had to switched to direct search.

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I must be thinking of something else then. Sorry for the confusion.

I tried what you were doing and tag lookup does not work like it use to. It may be that more “tweaking” of the search engine is needed, but this looks like it is not using all variables supplied for the search query.

With what tool and how are you doing this “Tag Lookup”?

Search->Search Entities
“Tag lookup” section is under Query section.

You use to be able to fill in the fields for a more granular search, I use to use it all the time before the search engine change.

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As I only use direct search and advanced indexed entity searches (at least I can do some pretty detailed searches there, if it is what you call granular), I don’t really know what Tag Lookup really is…
Let’s see what the web archive shows us how it used to be… Let’s try 2017-02-27.

Well I don’t see a difference at least in the fields…
Could you explain how this works and how it used to work here then maybe in a ticket if we can sort things out?

Update: Actually I must admit I really discover this search today and don’t understand its usage…