Tag Field Name - mediadate vs Media Date

I am using the following script to move the “Date” field to a new field called “Media Date” and move the “Original Date” to the “Date” field. Basically, I want Plexamp to show the original release date and not the date the CD was released for my classic rock albums.


Seems to be working OK. One question I have is when I click on the release name or track names in the upper right, my new tag name (not value) is all lower case in the bottom left (see picture). Is there a way to get it to be capitalized, showing “Media Date”? I can change my scriot above to say “Media Date” instead of “mediadate” but assume that should all be lowercase and no spaces. Maybe it doesn’t matter?



It depends on how you want to have the field named in the tags. If you want to have it all lowercase use “mediadate” in the $set command, if you want to have it as “Media Date” is this in $set.

The difference is only when you want to read the value of the tag in a script. Because “Media Date” contains a space character, you cannot use the percentage sign notation to get the tag value, %Media Date% is invalid. Instead use $get(Media Date).

What does not work with a custom tag like this is that you have a certain name in the tags and a different one for display in Picard UI. So you can’t use mediadate in the actual tags, but display it as Media Date inside Picard’s user interface. Such behavior is only available for the list of tags Picard knows about.


Thank you for the reply, very helpful!

Field names are typically all lowercase with no spaces, correct? I may use uppercase letters.

Thinking of MediaDate or mediadate…

Edit: never mind. Plexamp handles the dates correctly without my script.