Symbolic links not followed

Hi, I’m running a Centos 7 system with Picard 2.6.2. I have a lot of symbolic links across my system including to my music directories. Picard is not following any of the links. Older versions (like really old versions) of Picard did follow the links. So I’m not sure what changed. Any ideas?

Also, not all of my mounted drives either. Only the main system mounts like / and /home are being seen. This also used to work with older versions.


Description of the problem is rather vague.
What do you mean by “Picard is not following any of the links” ?

Can you give precise examples of what you are experiencing and what you expect?

Yes, sorry about that. When I click on" add folder" the dialog box comes up but any symbolic link is greyed out and cannot be selected. However, if you use the “add files” button, then I can follow the symbolic links. Very strange. Also, not all the mounted drives not showing up is also strange.

How did you install Picard? Maybe using Snap?

If you use the Snap version you must be aware off that Snap provides a sandbox for applications which restricts the files and folders the application can access. By default Picard has only access to your home folder. You can additionally give it access to mounted external media, see

Giving access to arbitrary file locations is not supported by Snap, so if your files are in different mount points this won’t work.

The alternative would be to use the Flatpak version of Picard. Flatpak has the nice ability that it allows users to grant applications explicit access to arbitrary filesystem locations. I don’t remember the details right now, but if Flatpak is an option on CentOS 7 I could help you with that.

A RPM version of current Picard on CentOS 7 probably is not feasible due to outdated dependencies.


Thanks, that’s good insight. I tried Snap and it didn’t work correctly and the install was messed preventing Picard from running (it just errorred off). I used Flatpak for the install which installed fine. I’ll look at granting rights to the directories I need Picard to see. I didn’t know that was an option. I’ll work on that.

Thanks so much. You info has been very helpful.