Support for arkivmusic album pages in external links?

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Arkivmusic is a great resource for classical music. Is it possible to add external link support for this site’s album pages?


Kurt Atterburg: Symphonies Nos. 3 & 6:


Even though it might not be exactly correct usage of the relationship type I’ve seen other editors (including myself) adding similar pages with “has a discography entry”-relationship. We also got “purchase for mail-order” but it seems this release has been already sold out at


I guess “purchase for mail-order” can be used as a catch-all if it applies.


@ssri you can add a ticket at the bugtracker!default.jspa (Project: Musicbrainz Style, Issue Type: New task) with this
I’m not sure if reosarevok is auto assigned, but I think he is.


Thanks. Yeah, it would be nice if arkivmusic is its own thing since it is quite a large classical music database. I’ll open it up as a wishlist. Thanks.


Arkivmusic is a bit of a weird one since sometimes they just have data, sometimes they sell stuff, and sometimes they reissue stuff themselves. I’m not a huge fan of adding a specific site like this as its own rel (


Note that both ArkivMusic and AllMusic are using the same data, provided by Rovi, inc.