Subscribe to multiple artists at once

I have a list of ~1000 artists for which I’d like to Subscribe. My spreadsheet has the MBID for each of these artists, however it seems that the link to subscribe to an artist does NOT use the MBID, which I find quite odd.

Is there any way to do this in bulk, or at least create a hyperlink where I can do it in batches, rather than clicking on the Subscribe button 1000 times?

That’s right, the subscribe link uses the internal row ID; there is no bulk subscription feature.

If you have a replicated database available, you could do some SQL queries to convert from MBID to row ID and build the URLs that you need to access. Unless the artists you want to subscribe to are private, just upload a text file with the MBIDs somewhere and I can probably convert it for you.


Well, that’s kind of annoying. I’m in the process of setting up my replicated database. I’ll just do the queries when I finish. Thanks!