Submitting CD TOC for common album name

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Hey, everyone, MB member since 2004, first-time poster (I think).

I’m trying to add a CD TOC for a movie soundtrack called Control. Should be simple enough, but entering “Various Artists” in the MB search yields 150+ pages of potential matches and entering “Control” as the album title doesn’t yield enough search results.

The album to which I want to attach the TOC is this one:

From the point where Picard lands me, how to I attach the TOC to this specific album without going through 150+ pages of VA albums?


Try this.
Copy the URL
And paste it into the MB Release search box.


I just tried the method I suggested to add a Disc ID to an Australian yodeling CD.
Yes really.

Didn’t work.
Had to type in the name of the Release and then select the desired match.


Yeah - this is a headache. For some reason you can copy and paste a Release URL into many of the edit boxes all around the GUI. But this doesn’t work when trying to attach a discID. I’ve often noticed it. Especially when adding a release to the database for the first time.

For any of the Database Devs reading this we are on this page: 9 193477 182 18222 34195 66182 87485 116885 151445 166865 184155


Why can’t we paste an Artist or Release URL into those boxes?

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Not implemented yet:


OK, I guess that all means I need to get ambitious and search through the many pages of Various Artists albums that match this TOC to find the right one and that’s the only way?

I too was thinking I could spoof a URL to get me there.

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You can but you need to construct the URL with the medium ID rather than the release MBID:
Found the medium ID in raw edit data. Just replace the 3 dots with the TOC string.


Thanks @chaban, I was able to submit the new TOC and then promptly noticed I screwed up. My pressing has 18 tracks with the same barcode (existing album has 17 tracks), but slightly different catalog number from Rhino. So I’ll add this album as new to the release group. I’ve already submitted the edit to delete the bad TOC. Sorry.


We should thank you too. You just demonstrated a bug.


Haha, I’ll take credit for that. :slight_smile: So, I added a new release to the group, but to initiate that process via Picard’s TOC. I think I need to wait for the edit to be applied before I can add the TOC, right?

Never mind, I guess my album adds are getting auto-applied. :smiley: