Submitting AcousticBrainz features only possible from the cluster pane?

I was writing a post asking why the option “Submit AcousticBrainz features” was greyed out, until I finally found you can only submit them from the cluster panel (left or middle panel), and not from the release panel (right panel). So my new question is: why can’t AcousticBrainz features be submitted from the release panel? It’s rather confusing and seems a bit random to me, and isn’t it it more useful to have AcousticBrainz features linked to MBIDs? You probably won’t have the MBIDs when the files haven’t been matched or tagged yet.

Running Picard 2.7.0 beta 1

I think that you can submit them from the release panel, but the documentation indicates that the files need to be saved first. My guess is that you had the files matched but not yet saved.


Yes, that works. And I guess I could submit the features from the files in the cluster panel earlier because those already had some MBIDs in their tags (I just tried some files without MBIDs, and the button was again greyed out).

It’s still a bit confusing for a common user like me though. I don’t think you should have to dive into the documentation for a feature such as this. Can menu items have tooltips?

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Actually I think the intention was to only allow submitting from release panel, I added for this.

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