Submitting AcousticBrainz features fails on long files

I have a release with tracks two to nine minutes long, with a final track being a vinyl rip of the whole release. All but the last 39 minute long track were submitted. The last track fails (red symbol) with the extractor program no longer running in the background. I also noticed the same failure to submit with another release, a single hour long track.

Not sure if the AB Extractor GUI also suffers from this.

Picard 2.7.1

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On what operating system is this? The extractor being used for the Windows and Linux Snap package is exactly the same that was being used for AB Extractor GUI, see the downloads at the bottom of Downloads - AcousticBrainz

For macOS we had to build a new one, but it’s based on the same version.

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Windows 11 Pro (21H2 build 22000.376)

I had mixed up seeing the gui-0.1 on the downloads page and Extractor version 2.1-beta2-1 shown in the Picard UI; I wrongly assumed one extractor was newer than the other. The former isn’t the extractor’s version but simply the Extractor GUI’s version.

If that’s happening with the standard extractor best would probably to report this to . They’ll probably need some test file for this, tough.

@alastairp might be able to help with this issue

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