Submit duration?

Hey Guys, sorry for my bad english. searched the side but dosnt find what i need.
My Question ist, how long does it take when i add a new release, that i can find it then with picard?
Currently i am tagging/submitting my whole archiv and there is a lot of german rap, so i have to add many releases.
Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

I can’t answer anything regarding Picard.
But, when I add entries to the website, it takes a few hours for the DB to update. This is normal. You can access the items immediately if you know the actual page id. Just not if you need to search for them.

There are also things that you won’t see for seven days because they are considered “open edits” and must first go through a peer review.

But again, that is via the website. I do not use Picard.


I’m also new in Picard, but you can choose the green “Tagger” Button to get the release into Picard. If the green “Tagger” Button isn’t shown, you have to push “Look in Browser” in Picard one time per browser session (the reason is, that the musicbrainz website needs the Http GET Parameter to realise, that you are a Picard User who wants the “Tagger”-Button)

But you also can drag and drop the release URL into Picard.

So you can immediatly get the release if you dont need to use the “Lookup” search. If you edit this release, that is no problem.


Ok thank you all, i think i found all what i need. just have to wait for the covers :slight_smile:

As others have said, you can use

There’s a check box for that too. It’s something like “Use only approved covers” or “Use un-approved covers”. You want un-approved covers.

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thank you. the option is checked but i did not get the covers i uploaded bevore they are trought the 7 day check. but for now i fixed them for myself so it is ok. the whole process is so much work, that these 5 seconds zu tag the cover are not the problem :slight_smile:

@Syco2oo5: If you have activated the option “Download only approved images” or “Nur bestätigte Bilder herunterladen” (Menu Options -> Cover Art -> Cover Art Archive) you will get the covers after a short time - between minutes and a couple of hours, depending on the actual workload on the external Cover Art Archive.

But you never have to wait for 7 days to get your uploaded covers.

I’m noticing problems with CAA over the last couple of days.

“Image not available yet, please try again in a few minutes.”
But this has been going on for much much longer than a few minutes.
This may be what Syco2oo5 is up against.