Submit AcoustID before or after Save?

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I am in Picard and tagging a scrappy bootleg. When I hit the “Submit AcoustID” button, what data does it upload with it?

Should I be hitting SAVE on my matched Release first?

Or will it take the MBIDs of the tracks from Picard and ignore my scrappy file tags?

Example: I have some MP3 files with bad and scrappy tags. Using Picard and notes in the MP3 files I confirm exactly which release it is. In the process I also ran AcoustID on all the tracks.

Picard then spots that some of the tracks don’t have AcoustIDs online. So the “Submit AcoustID” button lights up. But this is before I have SAVED the newly matched Release data to the tags in my files.

So am I safe to hit “Submit AcoustID” at this point? Will it be uploading to the matching MBIDs and ignoring the junk in my files? Or should I save the matched detailed to my files before hitting Submit AcoustID?

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+1 to be 100% sure :face_with_monocle:

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Make sure you have matched your files to the correct recordings. Once you have done so you are safe to submit. Submitting to AcoustId submits the fingerprint, the duration and the recording MBID.


Thanks for that confirmation @outsidecontext. That is what I had been doing. Match everything up first, hit Lookup in Browser, check, check again, hit tagger, check again that all tracks are lined up.

Then hit the submit button only after being sure. :wink:

I then hit save AFTER all of that

But what about all the other (still existing?) “scrappy file tags”? Would they not submitted too?
According to the submit documentation from Acoustid you can submit much more metadata like

track.# no High Hopes track title
artist.# no Pink Floyd track artist
album.# no The Division Bell album title
albumartist.# no Pink Floyd album artist
year.# no 1994 album release year
trackno.# no 11 track number
discno.# no 1 disc number

Is “file matching” really sufficient to clear out wrong data and submit the correct metadata?
Just to be sure: The SAVE process it really not necessary to submit only correct metadata?

No, because Picard does not submit any other data other than what I described above because there is no real need to do so when submitting the MB recording ID (which has all these details already). And if Picard would submit something else we would take care of using the matched data and not the old data :wink:


@outsidecontext douse it submit all the albums on the right if you only hi-light the ones in the right that you wish to submit?

Yes. Picard maintains a separate submission queue for AcoustIds, which gets updated whenever files get matched to or removed from tracks. If the AcoustId lights up there are changes to be submitted, if you click it it submits them all.


@outsidecontext So the stuff in “Additional user-submitted metadata” has been submitted by other taggers that use AcoustID?

Yes, that is correct.