Submit a completely new soundfile


I have a soundfile, that has no acousticID and no MusicBrainz data yet. When I have it in the unmatched files section and click on scan, of course it will stay there. Now I suggested, that I can edit and add the tags in the lower section and then click on “submit” to create an AcoustiId and add it to the AcousticId DB and also add the Tag Data to the MusicBrainz DB.

But even when I gave my MusicBrainz credentials and the AcoustID api key, the submit button stays grey. Furthermore, I don’t know, how to add new tags, I can just edit the existing.

It looks like adding data to the DB works different to my suggestions, maybe you can help me out :slight_smile:



You can only submit acoustids on Picard for stuff that is in the MusicBrainz database, but does not have the acoustid yet. That’s because the MusicBrainz ID is how the acoustid project matches the fingerprint to a MusicBrainz recording.

Do you have a release (a single, album or whatnot) or a standalone audio file? Is it possible to add it to the MusicBrainz database?


To add to reosarevok’s comment: You cannot submit data to the MusicBrainz database via Picard, data can only be edited via the website. If this is something that can be added to MusicBrainz you can do it there. Once it is in the DB you can load it into Picard and match your sound file to it, than you can also submit it’s AcoustId.


If you have that plugin you can right click and select “Add as standalone” and then enter the info. After that you should be able to attach the acoudtid to it.


what plugin? sounds interesting


The “Add Cluster As Release” Picard plugin.