Submission from client not working

I have been trying to submit to AcousticBrainz, I tried both gui and command line methods on mb-ids below:

0864c00f-4476-46b0-ac0e-bbf8278a6953 Kho Gaye Hum Kahan - Jasleen Royal & Prateek Kuhad
697320f4-6c07-4c1b-8631-b1d90ddde478 Kaun Tujhe - Palak Muchhal
5e5d6895-6af1-48f1-8fbe-94ea444dc7dc Ae Zindagi Gale Laga Le (Take, 1) - Arijit Singh

The gui client shows message that it submitted the files, command line also shows “done” but finally the analysis does not appear like in

I am trying it for first time , so may be i am missing something, could you please help.
I am trying from mac os.

Thanks for trying this. This is indeed a strange problem. done indicates that it was able to compute the features for your audio file. Perhaps the error occurred when trying to upload the file.
Could you try and run the extractor on one of these files and attach the output? The submission tools include a program streaming_extractor_music - you can run

streaming_extractor_music /path/to/inputfile.mp3 feature_output.json

and upload this json file to gist/pastebin/etc. I’ll take a look at the file and see if there is a specific reason that it wasn’t successfully uploaded.


Thanks for looking into the issue. The upload actually was working.

I was using Picard, when I submit a file, it actually shows all the songs of the release, while checking i was using the mb-id of other song from the release and was getting confused.

The command line output is bit confusing though, it shows
[:slight_smile: ] when it actually submits the info ,

otherwise it shows done as below if the command was already used on the file
[:slight_smile: done ]

So the command line output can be improved i think.

Thanks again :slight_smile: